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Microsoft migration partner

Akaibu Evolve delivers fast, reliable Migrate from Enterprise Vault, EAS, GFI, SourceOne, EmailXtender, Mimosa, Gmail
Simple, rapid, responsive and reliable. Whatever your requirements, the platform uses our powerful migration  engine to ensure compliance, scalability and performance. 
  • Quick on-boarding, low training requirements and rapid projects. 
  • Preserves chain-of-custody with 1-step moves & full auditing
  • Ensures seamless experiences for end users through advanced shortcut handling
  • Handles high complexity & high volumes
  • Lets you perform selective migrations based on a range of criteria
  • Proven in 100’s of archive migration projects
  • Available across the globe - contact us for your nearest reseller

Evolve's source and targets
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list of source and targets 

​Evolve 365

Moving to Office 365?

Let Evolve take away the complexity and speed you to the cloud. 

Direct Data connection and lightning fast migration will have you there in no time! 
Archive migration to office 365
Evolve 4 EV

​The original and the best! Our Pedigree began with the Enterprise Vault connector which remains one of the most popular and performant in the industry.

Whether you are migrating to Enterprise Vault or consolidating an existing deployment. This is definitely the tool for you.
enterprise vault migration

Evolve 4 EAS

You'll be surprised at how fast we can migrate you from your legacy Zantaz EAS data to your new destination be that on-premise or in the cloud.

Discover why we're the platform choice.
      EAS Migration

​Evolve 4 EMC

Migrating from EMC SourceOne has never been easier.

Find out why we're so excited about our capability to move you quickly and simply from where you are to where you want to be.

          sourceone migrations

Evolve 4 EMC

EmailXtender clients are clear why they work with Akaibu and Evolve - We get the job done quickly, with low risk, fuss and at the best price point. 

Explore our ability to help you further...

    EMC EmailXtender migrations

​Evolve 4 Dell 

​Another recent connector for Evolve gives us the capability to move Dell's Archive Manager (formally Quest Archive Manager) quickly and easily. 

Ask us how we can support you and your team.
     ​ dell (quest) archive manager migrations

Evolve 4 Mimosa
Until recently, your choice over which platform to use for Mimosa migrations was limited. Fortunately, Evolve now helps to move Mimosa data quickly, safely and securely. Take a look at our connector to see if it can help you with your project.
    migrate from mimosa

Evolve 4 GFI

Evolve 4 GFI MailArchiver is the latest connector in our already extensive range.

​It allows for a fast and hassle-free migration to or from the GFI MailArchiver platform.


migrate GFI

Evolve 4 Gmail
If you need to move Corporate Gmail (Google Apps) data, Akaibu have the tool for you!

Evolve 4 Gmail takes care of the complexity and difficulties of migrating your data to and from Google Apps Vault. 

google apps migration