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This year Akaibu headed to sunny Orlando for Microsoft World Partner Conference.

Akaibu are a gold level Microsoft partner, so it is important we attended to present our solution to the hundreds of potential new partners. As usual Microsoft put on a good show, with interesting speeches for a host of Senior Microsoft management.

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Akaibu are pleased to announce the latest development is a new file format connector that is compatible with Evolve. Evolve can now move data from the mbox file format to a number of target platforms. This development was the result of a specific requested from a partner who has been using Evolve for some time as part of a turnkey archiving solution. The partner was confronted with a client who needed mbox data migrating. Rather than going through risk of find an alternative migration platform the partner asked if it was possible for Akaibu to develop an mbox connector for Evolve. Of course Akaibu were happy to help!

Andrew North, Akaibu CEO, elaborates “Our commitment to offer our partners exclusive developments such as this really stands us out against our competition. Partners don’t what to have to go find a new solution from every different source format they are confronted with. The Evolve platform is one partners know they can trust, the more connectors we add the happier our partners become. Going forward, we're always open to suggestions for new developments, anything to help our partners win deals and make their clients happy”

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Akaibu continues to raise the industry standard with the announcement of Gmail as its latest connector to the Evolve migration platform. This new connector helps Akaibu remain at the forefront of the migration world and demonstrates a commitment to continual improvement.

As Akaibu’s flagship platform, Evolve has consistently proven its ability to move data quickly and reliably from legacy on premise platforms. This exciting development means Evolve can now move data to and from corporate Gmail (Google Apps mail) which compliments the updated Office 365 migration capability.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Gmail connector” said Andrew North, Akaibu CEO. “The decision to develop it was taken after feedback from various partners. It is important to show how seriously we take both our partners and clients feedback, and it underscores our commitment to providing the best migration tools for the widest practical set of platforms.”

The powerful Evolve platform comes with the following key features:
  • Hyper threaded architecture for rapid migrations.
  • Complete chain-of-custody and audit.
  • Evolve scheduler, allows “set and forget” for a flexible migration.
  • Stub management. The ability to move, update and delete shortcuts.
  • Simple deployment. Move data from day one.

Brian Janc, CTO adds “Our new connector demonstrates Akaibu’s capability to comprehensively meet a market need and highlights our ability to offer one of the most comprehensive range of connectors on the market. Evolve 4 Gmail allows for fast, reliable and cost effective migrations which offer compelling and guaranteed results”.

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The highly respect IT research company, Osterman, latest white paper offering is a must read for IT decision makers. The paper is titled "Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365". As you would expect it gives an in-depth analysis into the challenges of migrating to Office 365. 

Click here to download this paper free of charge.  
Well, can you believe that it's been a year since we had the last report. So, here we are in 2014 and the new Gartner boffins have outlined what they believe are the strengths and weaknesses in the current email archiving market. 

If you want to take a look at the useful article then please check out .

Of course, our job is to quickly, safely and reliably move your archives to one of these new targets which is what we continue to help clients with so get in touch to see how we can help drive your project forward.
 As a Microsoft partner it was absolutely critical to us that we attended to meet a wide variety of partners to take their views and help them understand the market, the landscape and how we could help them deliver valuable solutions for their clients. 

We had significant interest and 200+ partners stopped by to find out more about Akaibu and Evolve.

If you'd like to know more about our platform, solutions, and how we're helping clients save money through clear and proven solutions please get in touch with us today.

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We were proud to take the opportunity to work with Symantec this year as part of the Vision 2014 Sponsor team. 
The show was a really great opportunity for us to meet existing and potential partners and clients, and explore the issues that are top of mind around data management and migration. 

It was also helpful to meet Symantec stakeholders and our STEP team - helping to broaden our reach and take the Akaibu message of simple and trustworthy deployments to the market.

Take a look at the Vision page for the full story
Akaibu was invited to the recent specialist roadshows at the key sites in Reading and Florida. The sessions were a great opportunity to reach out to new and existing partners to catch up on progress and outline current and future strategy. We're looking forward to the next set of sessions and grateful to the STEP team for their continued assistance. 
Wrap up warm and don't forget your booties - because it's cold out there. Well, it certainly was during our trip to the New York LegalTech conference in February. Snow, rain, and the general cold had us braving the elements and avoiding the ice in our quest to help clients and partners understand more about who we are and what we can offer them.

There were a plethora of sponsors and attendees including a number of our partners who are keen to highlight how they can assist solving the challenge of an archive migration. 

There were also many Interesting sessions covering the future of discovery, audit and control as well as the real and the dark web. 

Intelligent migration was a popular topic for a number of potential clients so we took them through our approach which allows users to reduce the burden and cost of a traditional migration through the use of intelligent filtering.

One recent client benefited from this feature as it enabled them to reduce a 40TB "move everything" project to a 10TB "just move what we want" projectt.

A number of organisations also approached us to discuss the support we could provide for defensible control, management and deletion.  

We're looking forward to seeing how the market develops over the next 12 months