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Microsoft migration partner

Wrap up warm and don't forget your booties - because it's cold out there. Well, it certainly was during our trip to the New York LegalTech conference in February. Snow, rain, and the general cold had us braving the elements and avoiding the ice in our quest to help clients and partners understand more about who we are and what we can offer them.

There were a plethora of sponsors and attendees including a number of our partners who are keen to highlight how they can assist solving the challenge of an archive migration. 

There were also many Interesting sessions covering the future of discovery, audit and control as well as the real and the dark web. 

Intelligent migration was a popular topic for a number of potential clients so we took them through our approach which allows users to reduce the burden and cost of a traditional migration through the use of intelligent filtering.

One recent client benefited from this feature as it enabled them to reduce a 40TB "move everything" project to a 10TB "just move what we want" projectt.

A number of organisations also approached us to discuss the support we could provide for defensible control, management and deletion.  

We're looking forward to seeing how the market develops over the next 12 months