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Microsoft migration partner

Akaibu are pleased to announce the latest development is a new file format connector that is compatible with Evolve. Evolve can now move data from the mbox file format to a number of target platforms. This development was the result of a specific requested from a partner who has been using Evolve for some time as part of a turnkey archiving solution. The partner was confronted with a client who needed mbox data migrating. Rather than going through risk of find an alternative migration platform the partner asked if it was possible for Akaibu to develop an mbox connector for Evolve. Of course Akaibu were happy to help!

Andrew North, Akaibu CEO, elaborates “Our commitment to offer our partners exclusive developments such as this really stands us out against our competition. Partners don’t what to have to go find a new solution from every different source format they are confronted with. The Evolve platform is one partners know they can trust, the more connectors we add the happier our partners become. Going forward, we're always open to suggestions for new developments, anything to help our partners win deals and make their clients happy”

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