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Microsoft migration partner

Akaibu continues to raise the industry standard with the announcement of Gmail as its latest connector to the Evolve migration platform. This new connector helps Akaibu remain at the forefront of the migration world and demonstrates a commitment to continual improvement.

As Akaibu’s flagship platform, Evolve has consistently proven its ability to move data quickly and reliably from legacy on premise platforms. This exciting development means Evolve can now move data to and from corporate Gmail (Google Apps mail) which compliments the updated Office 365 migration capability.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Gmail connector” said Andrew North, Akaibu CEO. “The decision to develop it was taken after feedback from various partners. It is important to show how seriously we take both our partners and clients feedback, and it underscores our commitment to providing the best migration tools for the widest practical set of platforms.”

The powerful Evolve platform comes with the following key features:
  • Hyper threaded architecture for rapid migrations.
  • Complete chain-of-custody and audit.
  • Evolve scheduler, allows “set and forget” for a flexible migration.
  • Stub management. The ability to move, update and delete shortcuts.
  • Simple deployment. Move data from day one.

Brian Janc, CTO adds “Our new connector demonstrates Akaibu’s capability to comprehensively meet a market need and highlights our ability to offer one of the most comprehensive range of connectors on the market. Evolve 4 Gmail allows for fast, reliable and cost effective migrations which offer compelling and guaranteed results”.

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