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Hopefully you know by now that we care passionately about providing solutions that help our customers to save time, reduce risk and manage their critical information safely and securely.

In that vein, we’re continuing our journey through email management tools and techniques with another interesting article that we found.
This week, our favourite is an article by Kyle Jasinski on 7 Tech Mistakes Made by Small Businesses. It’s an interesting read, giving some good tips for small businesses (though we know there are plenty of large businesses that would also benefit from looking at them).

Check out mistakes #6 and #2.

#6 is all about email inefficiencies – whilst it’s critical, email needs to be managed in an effective way.

#2 is all about the life span of technology and the mistakes of avoiding an upgrade path.

Give the full article a read,  there are some good take-aways.

Akaibu can help you move you archive data to the most up-to-date platforms. Don’t let your data archiving be the tech shortcoming of your business.