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There are various reasons that an organisation may look for an email archive migration service, many of which are interlinked. Important features for email migration vary to a large extent. However, fundamentally an organisation using migratory services are looking for ease of use and efficiency. The process needs to be an integrated approach whereby an organisation understands what data will be linked and transferred in order for a successful email migration.

If we look at reasons for using an email migration service, there are several examples of why this will be executed.

 If an organisation is switching hosting providers due to pricing or features offerings. Most organisations        look at their various expenses in a strategic manner, and if there are services that are offering a similar        product at a reduced price to current providers, it bodes a strong case to change and save on costs. On        the flip side, if a company is not getting enough out of their current hosting provider, they will begin to          look for a provider that can meet their needs. Email archive migration allows for an organisation to                move and change efficiently and time effectively.

 For larger organisations, one needs to look at the efficiency of mailboxes. If a hosting provider cannot            provide sufficient servers to handle email loads, delays are prone to occur, which can have detrimental        effects on organisations and their services. Delays can inhibit productivity, company image and                      ultimately turnover which means that an organisation is under pressure to have a fast and efficient                service provider, that can handle email loads. If this is not the case it is up to a company to look                      elsewhere, opening up the door for email archive migration to new email hosts.

 Ease of use is imperative when there are a large amount of employees communicating both internally          and externally. One does not want to be taking time trying to figure out how to use their email services        correctly, and getting the most out of it. If an organisation is using a provider with an overly                              complicated email interface, it would make sense for them to move, leading to time savings and                      increased productivity, especially when there are large amount of users communicating.

 In this modern age, mobile access to email accounts, along with ease of use, are critical with the                      growing number of people using mobile devices to communicate via email. This creates a scenario                whereby an employee can have access to email from almost anywhere, increasing productivity and                convenience of use. Organisations will look to mobile access as an important aspect of functionality              and the ability to communicate in the business environment. Changing to a service provider that allows        these capabilities is almost seen as a must have, and email migration allows this to occur easily.

 Two companies merging means that there needs to be an adoption of a universal email address. Email        migration allows this to happen quickly and easily, allowing the companies to focus on the important            aspects of integration. All the previous email data transferred may prove invaluable in a new                            environment, which makes picking the right migratory service critical to this success.

 When an employee leaves a company, they may leave behind many clients - integrating these clients              and reassigning them is hugely beneficial, and using email migration as a tool to do so allows client                transfers from one account to another to be a smooth process.

These are just a few reasons to use an email archive migration service. There are many companies that focus on performing migratory services, as it can be a tedious and time consuming process. Choosing the right company to assist you becomes a very important step in ensuring data security, and that all data is transferred. Lost data can have tremendous detrimental repercussions, which leads to email migration being a hugely important service when changing an email service within an organisation.