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Our Story

Akaibu, Inc. was founded with the express purpose of bringing a fresh new archive migration toolset (Evolve) to the worldwide email archive market. The goal was to make email archive migration simple to manage, fast to deliver, and secure throughout the process. 

The name, Akaibu, is the literal Japanese pronunciation of the English word, ‘archive’. The name reflects our commitment to design, develop, market, sell and support software that addresses the needs of organizations to evolve into the most appropriate archive for their company at any point in time.


Our Mission

To ensure Akaibu customers and partners experience secure, efficient and cost effective archive data migration by delivering exceptional software and service

Our Strategy

To create a company that is highly valuable to our customers, partners and employees. We accomplish this by committing to customers that they will receive expert and excellent service from well-trained and prepared delivery partners, and through them, receive the expected and valuable outcome of a full, safe, secure and rapid archive migration.

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