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Microsoft migration partner

Can I do this without tools?                
Yes of course. It's a balance of risk, time and cost. We have a number of clients who started do it themselves and discovered it was just too challenging.


How long will it take?         
Anything from 1-12 months depending on size of migration and the resources - both computational and human that you can throw at it!


How much does it cost?
Pricing is based on the amount of data or the amount of users - we think that's the most flexible way 

What Hardware will I need?           
Evolve is designed to work as fast as you want it to be. More resources mean faster throughput.
You only need a minimum of two servers (one application and one SQL) and you can expect a realistic transfer speed from 2-11TB per month depending on how much of a resource pool you allocate.
  Do I have to use
​a partner?                                                                                                                                                     
It's completely up to you. Our partners have been through many projects and can help with partial deployments or fully managed delivery. 

They've been through many of the challenges that you may face and their assistance will definitely save you time and effort. Take a look at our delivery resources to give you a head start on the tips to success and also what to avoid.

Do you work everywhere?
​Yes. All time-zones and all countries. We like to travel


   Do you support everywhere?
We sure do. Although it's mostly virtual as you'd expect. 


​   Can I get a trial / Demo
Of course - wouldn't be very easy to evaluate it without one would it!

Just email us and we'll sort one out.