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Symantec Enterprise Vault Migration
If you are looking to consolidate, migrate or relocate Symantec Enterprise Vault data, Evolve 4 Enterprise Vault is definitely something you should be considering.

Akaibu have long been part of the Symantec technology Enabled Partner (STEP), Enterprise Vault was Evolve's first connector. Since then Akaibu have been providing smooth and reliable Enterprise Vault archvie migrations and consolidations. 

Designed to offer maximum flexibility and speed with minimal hassle and cost, it was the first connector we developed and has been trusted by clients and project teams all over the globe. Evolve has a direct connection to Enterprise Vault so there is no need for intermediary PST's.

So why do we think it's the best tool on the market?
Well, for the following reasons:

            It is really fast!                                                                                                                                        

     Designed with direct or indirect access.

     Only limited by how fast you want it to work.

fast enterprise vault migration
               No lengthy start up

     You'll be off the blocks from day one.
     Avoids project delays and delivers rapid progress.

           Commercially Attractive

     Cost Effective EV Migrations on the market.

     Unique Subscription Model Price Per User.

Migrate EV to the cloud
            Full audit trail

     All messages are tracked and reported.
Safety and Security guaranteed.

            Cloud Ready

     Migrate to EV.Cloud or from EV to other Cloud Solutions.
     Direct migrations to Office 365.

Whether you are moving to a totally new platform, moving to Enterprise Vault or simply consolidating your Enterprise vault environment Akaibu have the platform and the expertise for a fast, reliable and cost effective migration.